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We help our students to be a part of a worldwide mission without leaving home. We encourage our students to live Christ's love in their daily classes and help others find their way to God.



Our dear former teacher George Newmyer passed away in his sleep at 3:15a.m. on 2/21/2021. San Fernando Valley will receive monetary donations to be forwarded to his family. The method is simple: Go to SFVA.ORG, under FINANCE & PHILANTROPY there is an icon DONATION. Follow the steps. The school will issue and mail the donation receipt




This year all the process is ONLINE. The due date is 4/10/2021. Last year many parents lost money because the applications were sent late. APPLY NOW. Please take advantage of this offer from the Pacific Union Conference and APPLY ON LINE. If you have any questions or you need sections to be completed by the Administration, please contact Paola Guzman at PGuzman@SFVA.org.

Here are the instructions:



GoFundMe: SFVA Renovation Project

This year, we experienced the grave impact of the COVID-19 global crisis. As a small school that was already working with finite resources, we were significantly impacted in our goals to renovate our campus, to assist our students on their educational journey. There is one big project that we would like to fund via donations: ELEMENTARY FLOORING: PUT TILE OR VINYL PLANKS IN ALL OUR CLASSROOMS. To reach the goal, we need your help. Please forward this GoFundMe page to all your friends, church members, board members, and relatives so they can contribute funds for our SCHOOL RENOVATION. We are humbly reaching out to our community, our families, and our friends, to help us during this difficult time.

GoFundMe: SFVA

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Our goal is to educate students to be productive citizens in their communities and to actively spread the gospel to the world through these four foundations


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We want to educate our students to cherish God and to endeavor for brilliance through our solid scholastic program. We think that the way we deliver our student grades and criticism can be something to reflect the character and elegance of God.

Student Life


Our goal is to provide students with an opportunity to express their God-given physical talents in such a way that glorifies Christ. We aim to teach students life skills, strong character, and the importance of a personal relationship with Christ through the avenue of sports.

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