Giving at SFVA

A San Fernando Valley Academy education is a purposeful blend of strong academics, music, biblical tutelage and athletics that uniquely prepares students to succeed in the world beyond our community.

LONG-TERM Charitable gifts from alumni, parents, grandparents, parents and grandparents of alumni, and special friends bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost of educating each student.

SFVA offers a variety of ways for you to support this value-based education, including gifts of CASH, LAND, VEHICLES, APPRECIATED SECURITIES, ENDOWMENTS, WILL OF TRUST, TRUST FUNDS, ETC. Each method brings tax benefits to the donor. When considering making a WILL, please pray about making San Fernando Valley Academy as one of your beneficiaries. Many future graduates will be thankful for your kindness

For more information please contact personnel in the Administration Office at 818.349.1373 ext. 103.