Who Should Apply

Seventh-day Adventist schools are established primarily for Adventist families. However, our school welcomes all those who are in harmony with the philosophy and objectives of Christian education and who will cheerfully agree to comply with all the principles.

Statement of Non-Discrimination

San Fernando Valley Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color or national ethnic origin in administration of its educational and admissions policies or scholarship, athletic and other school-administered programs.

Statement of Compliance

The administration, staff and Board of Trustees assume that when a student applies for admission, registers and presents him/herself for class attendance, that both the student and parent or guardian agree to abide by and uphold all the provisions of this bulletin, the student handbook and all other written or verbal presentation of the rules and regulations or changes in rules and regulations made at any time during the school year. It is also expected that each student, parent or guardian will make themselves aware of the content of any item published or given verbally that affects the students, inpidually and collectively. Failure to become familiar with the rules, regulations or procedures of the school will not relieve any person of the responsibility of functioning within the intent of the rules, regulations and procedures.

Admission Procedure (Forms may be obtained from SFVA)

All Students

1) Complete and submit an application
2) Complete and submit a financial application
3) Complete SFVA Day-Care Agreement
4) Complete and submit a Consent to Treatment form
5) Submit or have on file up-to-date immunization information

New Students

6) Supply SFVA with a transcript or record of grades from your previous school at time of application
7) Obtain recommendation form(s) to be filled out by your previous school; return completed forms to SFVA
8) Arrange and complete an interview with the principal
9) Arrange and complete an entrance test
10) Submit a physical examination form
11) Students will not be admitted to SFVA until the above request forms and information has been supplied.

Probationary Admission Status

When the admission procedure has been completed, the Admissions Committee will review the information to determine admission status. The student will be informed by mail of the committee's action.

The Admissions Committee feels that each student is a unique inpidual and, therefore, will review each application case by case. All students transferring from another school with acceptable grades and good conduct references will be admitted on a general probationary status for a period of forty-five (45) days. This period of time will give the various school offices and faculty the necessary opportunity to determine placement, citizenship status, financial status, and other data upon which to grant or deny permanent acceptance.

The Admissions Committee may recommend a specific probation with periodic reviews during the probationary time. Recommendation forms and personal interviews will be used to determine admission. The Admissions Committee reserves the right to deny admission to SFVA.

Age Requirements

Kindergarten students are required to be five (5) years of age by October 2nd. First graders are required to be six (6) by October 2nd. A birth certificate or other documentation must be presented at registration.


Various test results and transcript records from previous school(s) attended will determine grade and class placement. Students may be placed in remedial classes when test results show such placement is needed. When more than one room of a grade exists, classroom placement will be made by the elementary principal and teacher.

Special Education/Special Programs

San Fernando Valley Academy does not have the facilities or personnel to offer special education. Students with special developmental needs should apply to schools prepared to deal with these needs.

Physical Examinations

Physical examinations are required without exception for all students entering SFVA for the first time in Kindergarten, first grade, or any level of initial entry in the formal educational process in the State of California. Examinations are also required before registration in grades 4, 7, and 9. Verification of a physical examination will be accepted only on the form provided by SFVA and must be completed by a licensed physician. A statement with a physician's signature indicating the student is in "good health" cannot be accepted. Evidence of physical examination must be presented before students can be admitted to the classroom. The administration reserves the right to require a complete or specific partial physical examination at any time.


California State Law requires each student to have completed a series of TB skin test, DTP/DTAP/DT/TD, MMR, Hepatitis B, Varicella, and Polio. Students entering California schools for the first time must present, from a physician or agency performing immunization, written evidence that they have been fully immunized against measles (Rubeola) or that they have had the disease. This evidence MUST be presented upon registration. If it is not received at registration, the student will not be admitted until it is received. This policy is mandated and regulated by state law.

If after the child is admitted to school and he or she is discovered to lack one or more immunizations, the parent/guardian will be notified. The school, according with state regulations, allows no more than 10 school days for the child to present a record of the immunization after the parent has been notified. After 10 school days, the child must be excluded from further attending school if he or she has not complied with the requirement.

Immunization shall not be required if the parent or guardian having custody of the child files with the school a letter and/or affidavit stating that such immunization is contrary to his or her beliefs. The possibility of highly infectious conditions may necessitate immediate removal of a student from school until a doctor or health department official sends a written notice that the condition no longer exists.