Scholarships & Financial Aid

(For further information or to receive an application call the Administration Office at 818-349-1373 extension 103.)

Discounts and scholarships are available to SFVA families through the LOCAL CHURCHES. Please contact your Pastor or Church Treasurer:

  1. Payment in advance: A five percent (5%) discount is applied when annual tuition is paid in full. This is in addition to Multi-Child Discount, if applicable.
  2. New Families Scholarship: A family that enrolls a student(s) for the first time is entitled to a 25% scholarship for up to one year. However, no other discounts will be applicable.
  3. Multi-Child Discount: A family with more than one child enrolled is entitled to a discount on tuition of ten percent (10%) for the second child. The tuition for the third child (or more) is discounted by fifty percent (50%). However, no other discounts will be applicable
  4. Needy Family Assistance: This school year, SFVA is working with its constituent churches and the Southern California Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists to offer TUITION ASSISTANCE for our families. Parents are encouraged to make their financial needs known to the Pastor of your LOCAL CHURCH pastor before the commencement of the school year.

There may be another grants & financial help, like FACTS website, but you have to contact them directly and bring the funds to the school.

It is possible that submissions for the 2018-2019 School year must be in before July 15, and may be submitted as soon as your tax information for the year 2015 is complete.