Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways to volunteer at San Fernando Valley Academy. Volunteering is your opportunity to help the Academy carry forth our mission and accomplish things we would otherwise be unable to do without your time and support.

San Fernando Valley Academy is grateful for your gift of time.  Please consider some of the following opportunities:

Alumni Opportunities

  1. Serve on one of the fundraising committees
  2. Become a board member.
  3. Host a class reunion.
  4. Help plan the Alumni Homecoming Weekend.
  5. Assist with the Annual Fair and Festival of Nations.

Parent Opportunities

  1. Serve as a phone caller on a Fund Campaign.
  2. Work at Huskies Events, held each month.
  3. Assist with the Admission Office recruitment efforts.
  4. Host a new parent reception in your home.

Church Member Opportunities

  1. Serve on one of the Administrative Committees
  2. Become a board representative.
  3. Host a school activity at your church.
  4. Help plan the Annual Fair and Festival of Nations.
  5. Assist with the Home and School Association.

For more information please contact personnel in the Administration Office at 818.349.1373 ext.100.