Home and School

We are asking all Parents and Faculty members to join the Home and School Committee. 

Please plan on attending the meetings or volunteering your time for projects and fundraiser's. 

Everyone's assistance is needed and appreciated.

Next Meeting:


**Most meetings during the school year will be held on the 2nd Thursday of each month from 6:30-7:30 (Unless otherwise posted)

Current Events: 

We are refocusing efforts to assist those teacher's/classrooms that have needs.  Since our last meeting 1/14/16, we have replaced the light bulb's in Pastor Porras' room and a wonderful H&S family (who wished not to be named) also assisted with the changing of the light bulbs, cleaning of the guards and the fixing of the light switches in Mr. Spencer's Music Room.  Thank you so much.

Other Needs/Requests:

Mrs. Spencer's room - Needs the ceiling painted

Mrs. Baroi's room - Water damage to bookshelves (looking for a carpenter!!!)

Mr. Gile - Fundraising for the workout room

**If you are able to assist with any of these items please let us know.

Teacher's if you have additional needs/requests please contact a H&S representative.

Coming soon:

Call for Nominations:  We need your help, we have not received any nominations for any Officer Position.  We need positions ready and filled for the 2016-2017 school years.  All positions are currently open.  If you would like to nominate yourself or another inpidual for a position as a H&S Officer, please speak with Principal Johnson-Thorne.***

 Recent Events:

  • Menchies Fundraiser: 7/28 & 7/29
  • School Clean-up & Painting: 8/3-8/10
  • Back to School Night: 9/1/15 (Ice Cream!!!)
  • Elementary Day at the Fair 9/10/15
  • H&S Meeting #1: 9/17/15
  • Picnic: 9/27
  • Dodgers Game for Mr. Gile's Class & Athletics: 10/4
  • H&S Meeting #2: 10/8/15
  • Shakey's Pizza Night: 10/14/15
  • Harvest Festival: 10/18/15
  • SFVA Thanksgiving Dinner:
  • Winter Dinner:
  • H&S Meeting #3: 1/14/16
  • H&S Meeting #4: 2/11/16

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a Home and School Board Member 

(see the Home and School Contacts page).