Parental Volunteer Program

We believe in the importance of our parents being involved in their child's education.  Part of that involvement is volunteering in various aspects of the school's operations from being a H&S officer, to volunteering time for fundraiser's or events.  Everyone has talents that they can contribute to the school.  We have compiled a list of various activities where a parent can help.  Feel free to add your talents to this list.

  • Home & School - Please contact a Home & School representative for various fundraising, work bee, other volunteer opportunities
  • Teacher assistants
  • Drivers for field trips
  • Sponsors on overnight trips
  • Office help

We have faith that our parents believe in their child's education and will make every effort possible to aid in their child's education.

Home & School Call for Nominations:  We need your help.  We need positions ready and filled for the 2016-2017 school year, and would like them filled by then June 2016.  All positions are currently open.  If you would like to nominate yourself or another inpidual for a position as a H&S Officer, please speak with Principal Johnson-Thorne.***